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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I had been working with Bbeyond in organising and delivering this cross discipline event, Arts and Minds, a three part event with introductions by artists James King, Steve Batts and Bronagh Lawson. Followed by an excellent series of workshops delivered by Frances Mezzetti and Dominic Thorpe. Finally culminating on May 15th in both in physical and . online platforms. Arts and Minds/ a programme of events that has generated from conversations between art therapists and artists over a period of some years, discussing how the body can play a complex role in our understanding of ourselves and others.

I find it no coincidence, as my performance practice developed so did my ability to inhabit my body, feel secure, safe and grounded. I realised that within my approach to making art, the body can be an anchor a place of connection, to ourselves, to each other and more importantly to the world.

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