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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The emphasis of the workshop was on creativity and mindfulness with the purpose of uncovering unconscious needs and goals. We met around 10 in the morning and spent 20 minutes on breathing techniques, including walking meditation. We moved towards a pile of art materials and other objects with the purpose of making something that represented our self, 30 mins later we gathered to a shady spot in the garden with our representations. There was no pressure on anyone to share any explanation, I asked if anyone could tell me about the process of their work and confidential enlightening conversation ensued with everyone contributing to the group. Responding to another question, How do you want to feel in your life ? opened up an illuminating debate on ways to feel the way you want to feel. We finished the session with a short guided meditation on connections and a new direction in our day.

Beautiful people on our beautiful journeys

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